Mizzou Mic’d Up: DeQuinton Osborne

One of the big allures of sports is the question, “How does somebody that big move that fast?” Defensive tackle is maybe the best example of this, and freshman DeQuinton Osborne is no exception. Watch as DeQuinton clubs, spins and ducks his way through drills in this edition of Mizzou Mic’d Up. DeQuinton also sits

‘Thinking Right in Sport’ Mizzou Football’s Mental Edge

With so much focus being paid toward the physical aspect of football, we often ignore the mental side of it. Throughout the year, from the preseason to the postseason, athletes across the country devote countless hours to improving themselves physically. Whether it’s drills to improve their skills, sprints to improve their speed or lifting weights

The Ingredients of a Self Starter

Being a follower does not sound very glorifying. For some reason, the word “follower” is often given a negative connotation. On the other side, the word “leader” holds a positive connotation. The opposite of a follower is a leader, but contrary to what most people think, you aren’t always just a natural-born leader. At some

Mizzou Day at Busch Stadium

What happens when two of the most passionate fan bases in the state of Missouri combine for a day? You get Mizzou Day at Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals and also a huge number of Mizzou fans. Juniors Jimmie Hunt and Kony Ealy were on hand to sign autographs and talk to

Mizzou Mic’d Up: Charles Harris

Over the next few years, Mizzou’s Football team might need to buy some new equipment. That’s because freshman defensive end Charles Harris can be seen in this edition of Mizzou Mic’d Up absolutely clubbing the blocking pads during drills. Harris, from Kansas City, Mo., has shown great promise during Fall Camp. Hear as Harris gets