Mizzou’s Zen Zone Philosophy

Zen was developed and is experienced through the martial arts and fine arts. But athletes can also benefit greatly from the confidence building and relaxation technique. Truly being in the Zen Zone consists of becoming “one” with what you are doing each moment you are actually doing it. It is an idea that is extremely

Mizzou’s Markus Golden and E.J. Gaines Talk About Family Environment

We caught up with a couple of Tigers and asked them their take of the family environment this year.  It’s impossible not to notice the difference in this year’s team with the close-knit family atmosphere, and the players are certainly showing it. St. Louis native defensive lineman Markus Golden talked about how former Mizzou Tigers inspired

Leadership and Discipline at the Zou

Bobby Knight, college basketball coaching legend, said four things were essential for a real person’s dedication to discipline: 1.   Do what has to be done. 2.   When it has to be done. 3.   As well as it can be done. 4.   And do it that way all the time. Essentially, Knight

Mizzou vs. Indiana Preview

 Time to hit the road, Mizzou fans! For the first time this season Missouri will play away from The Zou when it takes on the Indiana Hoosiers on Saturday at 7 p.m. in Bloomington, Ind.   It is shaping up to be a high-flying affair, with Missouri and Indiana both sporting two of the nation’s

Watch Mizzou Tigers in the NFL – Week 2

Tim Barnes – St. Louis Rams – FOX, 12:00 Beau Brinkley – Tennessee Titans – CBS, 12:00 Colin Brown – Buffalo Bills – FOX, 12:00 Chase Coffman – Atlanta Falcons – FOX, 12:00 Chase Daniel – Kansas City Chiefs – FOX, 12:00 Michael Egnew – Miami Dolphins – CBS, 12:00 Andrew Gachkar – San Diego