Get the Best From Coaches

The first step toward personal or team improvement is to recognize that things can be improved. These improvements, however, don’t happen magically. It takes a joint effort of players and coaches to make a team successful. Here are a few ways to accomplish this: 1. Help your coach understand what works best for you and your

Mizzou Football’s Law of the Edge

The Law of the Edge Observe Teams are always looking for an edge. You’ve seen it. A football team recruits new talent or develops new plays to beat a tough opponent or even brings in a whole new program to turn around a legacy of losing. Hoping to improve their productivity, businesses invest in new

Gary Pinkel and Mizzou Football Put Team First

To be a member of the Mizzou football family, you must not only be committed to being a great player, but you must also be an extraordinary teammate as well. You must be accountable to every single one of your teammates, your brothers.   At Mizzou, everything we do is a collective effort. Every triumph

Mizzou Football’s Law of the Playmaker

Winning teams have players who make things happen. If a team isn’t intentionally fighting to move up, then it inevitably slides down. Playmakers are what we call get-it-done­-and-then-some people. Intensity is what every playmaker brings to the table. The playmaker has fun stirring up the team, making things happen and doing whatever it takes consistently.

Mizzou’s Law of the Price Tag

A team fails to reach its potential when it fails to pay the price. If a team doesn’t reach its potential, the issue is seldom ability. It’s rarely a matter of resources either. It’s almost always a payment issue. One reason teams fail to pay the price to reach their potential is they misunderstand the

Mizzou’s Law of the Bad Apple

No one likes a bad apple, whether it’s literally a bad piece of fruit or a person in your life—the metaphor. A person who is a bad apple does not do well with others. They are usually all about themselves, or at the very best, just not about others. In short, rotten attitudes ruin a

Mizzou’s Laws of Teamwork

There are theories that may or may not be true. We test them to see if they are valid, and sometimes we can’t know if they are legitimate. However, there are also laws. Laws are positively tested theories that have been declared valid. For teamwork on the football field, there are certain laws that have

Mizzou’s Ten Commandments of Attitude

Attitude is essential to how you not only feel, but also to how you will ultimately perform—self-prophesizing. The Mizzou Tigers have a set of Ten Commandments used to keep players’ attitudes positive. Each is essential to create a mindset that makes goals into reality. They are: 1. It is attitude, not aptitude that governs altitude 2. The