Mizzou’s Zen Zone Philosophy

Zen was developed and is experienced through the martial arts and fine arts. But athletes can also benefit greatly from the confidence building and relaxation technique. Truly being in the Zen Zone consists of becoming “one” with what you are doing each moment you are actually doing it. It is an idea that is extremely

Leadership and Discipline at the Zou

Bobby Knight, college basketball coaching legend, said four things were essential for a real person’s dedication to discipline: 1.   Do what has to be done. 2.   When it has to be done. 3.   As well as it can be done. 4.   And do it that way all the time. Essentially, Knight

Mizzou Football Coaches’ Advice on Goals

Mizzou Football Coaches address many topics to their players in an attempt to turn them into the best football players and young men that they can be. Football is a great microcosm of life–to succeed one needs to set goals, focus and work hard with others to accomplish them. But, the goal part comes first.

Persistence at the Zou

The power to hold on in spite of everything, the power to endure—this is the winner’s quality. It takes a lot of characteristics to be a part of a football team, but it takes even more to be a part of a successful football team. A distinguishing characteristic between the two is persistence. Persistence is

‘Thinking Right in Sport’ Mizzou Football’s Mental Edge

With so much focus being paid toward the physical aspect of football, we often ignore the mental side of it. Throughout the year, from the preseason to the postseason, athletes across the country devote countless hours to improving themselves physically. Whether it’s drills to improve their skills, sprints to improve their speed or lifting weights

The Ingredients of a Self Starter

Being a follower does not sound very glorifying. For some reason, the word “follower” is often given a negative connotation. On the other side, the word “leader” holds a positive connotation. The opposite of a follower is a leader, but contrary to what most people think, you aren’t always just a natural-born leader. At some

Mizzou Football Brotherhood a Result of Strong Father Figure

Senior offensive lineman Max Copeland and junior defensive end Kony Ealy are two leaders on Mizzou’s football team, and have spent quite a bit of time in Coach Pinkel’s program. These guys get asked about the X’s and O’s all the time, but we wanted to see what they had to say about the man

Coach Pinkel’s Mission to Excellence

Recently, we’ve touched on how commitment is a key to achieving excellence, and being mentally focused is just as important as being physically able. Now you have to ask yourself, given your current performance level is your commitment strong enough to take you where you want to go? You know yourself better than anyone else

Coach Pinkel’s Philosophy on Excellence

Commitment to Excellence To achieve your potential, somewhere deep in your core you have to create the belief that you can do it. By dreaming about your goal and focusing on the process you nourish your commitment, your confidence, and your belief in your ability. Great accomplishments begin with some kind of vision or dream.

Accountability – The Five C’s of Self and Team Improvment

The need for accountability is obvious in the fourth quarter. The time on the clock melts away at an impossible pace, and the only sound louder than the rabid crowd is the pumping of your heart in your ears. Down by four, you line up under center, staring into the face of a defensive end